January 16, 2020

Online offers of Mortgage Loan Comparator

Find out how to quickly and easily check which mortgage proposals are worth considering. The mortgage comparison service allows you to list offers from at least several banks without leaving your home.

Mortgage comparator – a tool for finding the best offers


Few people can afford to buy real estate from savings. When you are looking for the right sources of financing, reach for a mortgage. You can use it by buying a house or a flat, but also by building a house or modernizing a residential building.

Remember that a mortgage is a long-term commitment. Therefore, bank offers should be chosen carefully so that interest and the final amount to be repaid do not cause you problems and, above all, do not overburden your home budget. Banks offer borrowers various contract terms.

The differences relate to the interest rate and commission, or the period for which the money is borrowed.

You can collect detailed information on offers by visiting branches of individual banks, but a much better solution is the mortgage loan comparator, which collects all the most important data in one place. Just visit the Good Finance comparison website to find out in a few minutes which suggestions should be considered.

Mortgage comparison service – what possibilities does it guarantee?


The simple and transparent layout of the comparison tool makes the mortgage comparison tool intuitive and convenient for you – you do not need any user manual to use it freely. Just a few clicks to display the best offers on the page. The comparison tool enables:

1. immediate check of specific data – just enter the amount of the loan you are interested in and the repayment period, and the options of various banks will be displayed, which inform about:

  • interest rates,
  • APR,
  • commission
  • installment amount,
  • total repayment amount;

2. comparison of the indicated data – offers are displayed one below the other with all the information specified – thanks to this you can see which bank offers better interest rates;
3. checking the current mortgage offer – the price comparison is still being updated, so you will see the latest offers.

Mortgage comparator – how to use it?


An effective mortgage comparison tool shows the best available offers in one place. Before you use it, think about how much money you want to spend on your property, and then:

  1. Visit the mortgage comparison website.
  2. Enter the amount of credit you want to get.
  3. Mark the loan repayment period – remember that a large loan and shorter repayment period is always a greater burden for the portfolio because the installments will be larger.
  4. Click: “Find the best loan”.
  5. After comparing the offers, you can still see the details of each one by clicking on the bank name.
  6. ” Ask for credit” will redirect you to the form – complete and send it, and the bank will call you back with the offer.

Mortgage Comparer – what do you gain from it?

Mortgage Comparer - what do you gain from it?

The best mortgage collector collects in one place, which allows you to save time. With the clearly provided information, you can directly compare loans and choose the best option.

If you familiarize yourself with the conditions of individual banks, it will be much easier to save money. The comfort offered by an online mortgage is incomparable to visiting individual branches of banks.

Mortgage terms – offer to rank

Assuming that the loan amount is USD 250,000 and the repayment period is 25 years, the most profitable offers have been listed in the comparison engine ranking as at 12/09/2018:

Good Finance mortgage – housing loan Own angle

Good Finance mortgage - housing loan Own angle

The currently lowest interest rate of 2.81% and APRC 3.18% is provided by a Good Finance mortgage. Although the commission is 3.50%, the final repayment amount remains the most favorable and amounts to USD 360,481.35, with an installment of USD 1,201.60.

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