March 18, 2020

How to quickly collect reward points from credit cards

Point reward is one of the benefits that you can get from a credit card. Point reward can also be referred to as a ‘gift’ or ‘bonus’ which can be shaped in the form of discount shopping, shopping vouchers, meal vouchers, discounted food to traveling and hotel promos.

To get reward points you have to do a lot of transactions with credit cards. For example, each transaction of $1,000 will get 1 reward point, if shopping is $ 500,000 it will get 500 reward points.

The amount of the transaction to get 1 point is different for each bank. There are some USD 1,000 per point and some USD 5,000. The more you can collect, the more you can exchange for other benefits.

Well, here are some ways to quickly collect lots of reward points so you can also quickly exchange them for a variety of other attractive prizes:


1. Shopping or hanging out at merchants who work with credit cards

1. Shopping or hanging out at merchants who work with credit cards

Of course, to be able to get the maximum benefit from a credit card, the way is to shop with merchants who have collaborated with credit cards, such as supermarkets, department stores to places to eat or hangout.

Shopping at merchants that work with your credit card not only gives you a point reward benefit, but can also get cashback or special discounts. Really pretty right?


2. Using a Credit Card for Every Monthly Shopping

Credit Card for Every Monthly Shopping

Shopping monthly can accelerate you in collecting reward points. The total amount of payment transactions that are many in one use will greatly benefit you as a credit card user who likes to collect point rewards.

But don’t forget to shop for your monthly needs at merchants that work with credit cards to be able to get additional rewards and other benefits such as discounts or cashback.


3. Offering Your Own Credit Card for Paying Food when Hanging out with Friends

3. Offering Your Own Credit Card for Paying Food when Hanging out with Friends

Well, if you like to hang out and have a routine schedule to get together with your friends. Instead of paying individually, it is better to offer your credit card to bail out the bill first. Not bad for adding points to your reward, especially if the number of friends invited is quite a lot.


4. Paying for Other People’s Purchases

loan payment

If you are accompanying friends or family who want to shop for certain items, you can offer your credit card to pay for their groceries in advance, and they can replace it with cash, especially if your friend purchases a piece of paper.

Especially if the goods that are wanted by your friends can get a special discount if you pay using your credit card. Don’t just shop offline, offer also for online shopping.


5. Transfer All Monthly Bills to a Credit Card

Credit Card

One more way to get reward points quickly and easily. Namely by paying all your monthly bills using a credit card only. Whether it’s electricity, water, insurance, BPJS and other types of bills. Besides being more practical, you get the advantage of adding point rewards.

This way you can be relieved in using your credit card without fear of any other costs involved in your credit card bill. Now there are many credit cards that offer free admin fees for the first year with easy requirements and a large enough limit.

Stay in Control of Yourself Using a Credit Card. Collecting reward points is indeed beneficial but it does not mean directing you to be wasteful just to be able to immediately have many reward points. Keep using a credit card as needed and use a credit card as a payment tool that provides benefits not as a reason to spend on shopping.

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