March 18, 2020

How to quickly collect reward points from credit cards

Point reward is one of the benefits that you can get from a credit card. Point reward can also be referred to as a ‘gift’ or ‘bonus’ which can be shaped in the form of discount shopping, shopping vouchers, meal vouchers, discounted food to traveling and hotel promos. To get reward points you have to do a lot of transactions with credit cards. For example, each transaction of $1,000 will get 1 reward point, if shopping is $ 500,000 it will get 500 reward points. The amount of the transaction to get 1 point is different for each bank. There are some USD 1,000 per point and some USD 5,000….

March 10, 2020

Credit Card vs. Cash, Which is Profitable to Pay Installments?

The ease of purchasing electronic products through credit facilities, both through credit card installments and cash installments, requires that you as a smart buyer be able to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods. There are some things that are often questioned regarding credit purchase methods like that. First, whether the goods purchased are offered at rational prices until the installments are paid off. Second, how far do people understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying electronic equipment by using credit card installments or through credit installments in cash. To answer the first question, the answer is very relative, depending on your priorities and how your financial capabilities…

March 4, 2020

Civil servant mini credit: instructions for use

The small amount of mini credit is a solution to finance small projects of people who have low income. for more. How does a mini credit work? Mini credit, or also called micro credit, is part of the family of consumer bank loans. That is to say, it consists of a sum of money requested by an individual and released by a bank. The relatively small amounts loaned during financing with a mini official loan mean that it has the advantage of being able to be granted quickly, subject to eligibility. A lending institution cannot grant a mini credit of a sum greater than 600 dollars. As for the…

March 1, 2020

Complaint at the bank: what rights does the customer have? – Take out Loans

The fee collected contrary to the regulations? A bank employee mistake? Failure by the bank to meet the deadlines set out in the contract or the promotion rules? In each of these cases, one way to assert our rights as a consumer is to make a complaint. The procedures are simple and better regulated. Financial institutions handle complaints submitted by phone Most banks and other financial institutions handle complaints submitted by phone, sent by letter or via e-mail, as well as written by an employee at the branch. Some banks, e.g. GFIC, Good Lender or Honest Bank are also prepared to receive complaints via electronic banking. In short, clients who…

January 16, 2020

Online offers of Mortgage Loan Comparator

Find out how to quickly and easily check which mortgage proposals are worth considering. The mortgage comparison service allows you to list offers from at least several banks without leaving your home. Mortgage comparator – a tool for finding the best offers Few people can afford to buy real estate from savings. When you are looking for the right sources of financing, reach for a mortgage. You can use it by buying a house or a flat, but also by building a house or modernizing a residential building. Remember that a mortgage is a long-term commitment. Therefore, bank offers should be chosen carefully so that interest and the final amount…

January 15, 2020

Home loan insurance for smokers

To carry out a home acquisition project, the use of a mortgage is common. In this case, the future owner is obliged to take out borrower insurance in order to cover himself in the event of an inability to repay. If such an approach proves beneficial in many respects, it should be emphasized that the conditions linked to the insurance contract may vary depending on the insured. This is the case, for example, for smokers whose files are treated with particular attention. Smokers are categorized based on the number of cigarettes they smoke per day. Thus, a smoker who smokes a lot will pay more than an occasional smoker. Even…